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Copper Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh Application: pharmacy, metal power filtration and separating ,Ceramic printing and shielding, etc.We offer a variety of weaves, wire diameters, opening sizes, mesh counts, and widths to choose from. Copper wire mesh is pliable, malleable, and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. The material is able to easily bend, but still maintain its strength.

Copper Wire Mesh Characteristics:

1. Flat mesh surface, tightly weaved; 

2. Uniform mesh opening, high accuracy; 

3. Reliable filtration accuracy; 

4. Long life time; 

5. Clean mesh surface, uniform color; 

6. Good wear resistance and ductility.

Copper Wire Mesh Advantages:

copper mesh products are widely used in industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical industry, printing, electronics, electromagnetic, signal shielding and other fields. It is with more than 20 years experience in copper mesh production, with systematic and perfect quality control measures, our imported looms and domestic looms can meet the quality requirements of various product standards.

Copper Wire Mesh Application: 

Pharmacy, metal power filtration and separating ,Ceramic printing and shielding, etc.

Copper wire mesh is durable in many types of atmospheres. Although it is softer than a similar stainless steel wire mesh, it is also resistant to atmospheric corrosion but attacked by oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, ferric chloride, cyanides, and ammonia acid compounds. 

Copper wire mesh’s unique color makes it a very popular option for many different types of users, including designers, artists, architects and home owners. Home owners and designers opt for copper woven wire mesh for residential projects including gutter guards, soffit screens, insect screen, fireplace screen, or even custom manufactured infill panels or decorative wall panels. Sculptors, wood workers, metal artisans and architects also prefer copper mesh because of its remarkable dark amber-red color and its broad appeal to a wide audience.