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Brass Wire Mesh

Brass Wire Mesh is an alloy of copper and zinc.Brass wire mesh is one of the many types of wire mesh materials. It has better resistance to abrasion and corrosion, compared to Copper, it has low electrical conductivity.

Brass Wire Mesh.With 60 percent to 70 percent copper and 30 percent to 40 percent zinc, brass is a relatively bendable product compared to other meshes.

Brass wire mesh is a non-ferrous, bright and decorative metal.Brass has a muted yellow colour which is somewhat similar to gold. It is relatively resistant to tarnishing.

Brass Wire Mesh Uses:

  1. Homeowners and designers choose copper wire mesh for residential projects, such as:

  2. Gutter guards

  3. Rodent and pest control

  4. Insect screens

  5. Snail and slug garden barriers

Brass wire mesh is often used for decoration due to its bright gold-like appearance. 

Because it is softer than most other metals in general use and therefore causes less friction, brass is often used in situations where it is important that sparks are not struck, such as for fittings around explosive gases.