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Bronze Wire Mesh

Bronze Wire Mesh. Bronze wire mesh is mostly made of copper, and has many of the same uses as copper.Typically, commercial bronze wire mesh has a material chemical composition of: 90% Copper, 10% Zinc.

Bronze Wire Mesh Features:

Bronze woven wire mesh is superior to brass wire mesh in resistance to atmospheric corrosion, which is a major reason why bronze mesh usage spans from various marine and military applications to commercial and residential insect screen. 

  1. Stronger than copper and weathers to a greenish brown patina.

  2. Better than brass in both corrosion resistance and strength.

  3. 90 % copper and 10 % zinc blend.

  4. Applications range from heat pipe wicks and stirling engines to decorative cabinets and garden use.

Bronze Wire Mesh Applications:

Bronze wire mesh has a brownish-red color, and this industrial product is increasingly popular for use in architectural, decorative and artistic applications. 

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