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Wholesale Gauge Stainless Steel Wire

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Stainless steel wire is commonly used in various applications due to its corrosion resistance, strength, and versatility. 

American Wire Gauge (AWG): In the AWG system, the gauge number decreases as the wire diameter increases. For example, a lower AWG number indicates a thicker wire. AWG is commonly used in the United States and North America.

Standard Wire Gauge (SWG): The SWG system is used primarily in the United Kingdom and some other countries. Unlike the AWG system, the SWG gauge number increases as the wire diameter increases. So, a higher SWG number represents a thicker wire.

The gauge of stainless steel wire can range from very thin (high gauge number) to thick (low gauge number) depending on the specific application and requirements. Common gauges for stainless steel wire used in various industries, including jewelry making, mesh production, and industrial applications, are typically in the range of 14 AWG to 30 AWG.

Gauge Stainless Steel Wire Note:

Keep in mind that the gauge and diameter specifications can vary based on the specific grade and type of stainless steel used. Additionally, some applications may require special coatings or finishes on the stainless steel wire to meet particular performance criteria.

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