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Stainless Steel Filter Disc Suppliers

Stainless steel filter pan, also called stainless steel wire mesh filter pan, is a type of metal filter pan. In general, we divide the process of manufacturing Stainless Steel Filter Disc into three steps.
1. Choose high-quality stainless steel wire.
2. The stainless steel wire will be woven or perforated.
3. According to the special requirements of customers, we will choose different materials for edging.
In addition, during the manufacturing process, we can provide stainless steel filter discs with different sizes, different shapes and different weaving methods.
As a professional Stainless Steel Filter Disc manufacturer, Yuze has a precise structure, uniform openings, and excellent corrosion and rust resistance. We specialize in the production of stainless steel wire mesh, with 3 factories and 1 branch, so please trust our cooperation!