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Stainless Steel Filter Disc For Sale

Stainless steel filter disc, also called stainless steel wire mesh filter disc, is one type of the metal filter discs. We classify the manufacture process into three steps. First, we choose high quality stainless steel wire. Second, stainless steel wire would be weaved or punched. Then, according to customers' special requirements, we will select different material to wrap the edge.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc used for screening and filtering in the acid or alkaline environment, and used as a mud mesh in petroleum industry, as a screen mesh in chemical industry, and as a pickling mesh in electroplating industry.

Mesh disc filters are made of different kinds of metal alloy,such as stainless steel ,galvanized ,selected plain steel ,copper ,etc. with precise construction, uniform opening, excellent corrosion and rust resistance.Acid-resistance,alkali-resistance,hot-resistance,heat-resistance,and wear-resistance.high-temperature resistance.

1.High strength, no need of support.
2.No possibility of media migration occurring.
3.Pipe type stainless steel filter elements have wide operating temperature range.
4.This type of filter elements are strongly corrosion resistant.