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Stainless Steel Filter Disc

Stainless Steel Filter Disc.Stainless steel filter disc facilitates screening or separation of one substance from another, therefore, making it possible for you to remove unnecessary contaminants from solid or fluid.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc Key Features:

  1. Physical properties: high strength, high dirt holding potential, accurate filtration rating, high tensile force, resistance to high temperature, resistance to high pressure, resistance to wear and abrasion.

  2. Chemical properties: Resistance to acid and alkali

  3. Process properties: precision punched burr-free, uniformly controlled porosity, easy loading, and unloading, compatible with most fluids, long service life, weldable, reusable and cleanable, among others.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc Uses:

Filtration of air: air regulator components, air conditioner, filtering corrosive gases, among other applications.

Filtering Liquid: beverages, cleaning water polluted with ceramics, filtration of corrosive liquids, disposal of sewage water, etc.

Filtration of solid: food processing industry, coal, glass, among others.

Filtering oil: you can filter a range of oil such as those in hydraulic systems, refining, edible, petroleum, etc.

Filtration in other fields: insulation industry, textile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, and automotive industry.

Filtration in irrigation systems: stainless steel filter discs are fitted in micro-irrigation equipment. It can be in the form of micro-irrigation filter discs or automatic flushing micro-irrigation filters.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc Advantages:

· Durability

· Versatility

· Efficiency

· Ease of Cleaning

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