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Precautions for installation of stainless steel wire mesh

The stainless steel wire mesh will occasionally turn black during use. What is the reason for this? This is still related to the composition of the raw materials. The so-called main elements of stainless steel are iron, nickel and chromium. The three metals can be produced in different proportions, and the stainless steel products obtained from the stainless steel mesh also have different properties.

The appearance is also different. When the content of iron remains unchanged, the higher the content of chromium, the brighter the stainless steel wire will be. The higher the content of nickel, the darker it will be. Darken, this is the initial condition judgment of product appearance.

If it turns black during use, it is caused by oxidation, that is, the iron contained in it will quickly turn black when it is oxidized by heat, and there is no sign of rust.

Attention to the installation of stainless steel mesh

1. Low-carbon environmental protection: Made of environmentally friendly materials to reduce pollution.

2. Universal application: suitable for mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

3. Prevention of falling objects: stainless steel window screens have no sense of barrier, no sense of occlusion, no sense of oppression, and the interior is kept bright and natural at all times, and the elderly or children playing in the living room will not be in an uneven state due to the opening of doors and windows. middle.

3. Easy to clean: Dust and oil stains are easy to clean, just use a water-absorbing sponge or ordinary brush and it will be as bright as new.

4. Humanized design: The stainless steel wire mesh adopts the door and window corner protection design, which reduces the damage to the elderly and children caused by sharp door and window collision angles.

5. Strong structure and strong integrity: Welded stainless steel mesh is processed by precise automatic mechanical technology, even if it is partially cut or partially subjected to the pressure of stainless steel wire mesh, it will not loosen.

6. High filtration accuracy: The reasonable wire diameter and mesh design of the stainless steel filter screen have the characteristics of not being easily deformed, more resistant to damage, longer working life, more corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, and bright in appearance.