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Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh China

Phosphor bronze wire mesh is used within various niche markets such as the security paper industry (for dandy roll clothing to emboss watermarks), for cloth filters and belts, for electromagnetic interference shielding, for electrical parts of products, wind tunnels (to test airplane aerodynamics) and for house architecture.

Phosphor bronze wire mesh is really strong, tough with a low friction coefficient, solderable, easy to shape and it can be produced with a fine structure. It is mostly applied in severe circumstances where chemical corrosion, wear and metal fatigue play a part.

Finding materials with resistance to corrosion brought about by chemicals is a dilemma for many industries that work with chemical compounds. Wire meshes made of Phosphor Bronze are stronger and can withstand exposure to chemicals making it the ideal wire mesh for many industries. Phosphor Bronze is composed of tin, copper and phosphorous, three chemical compounds that when mixed together make the wire mesh malleable and solderable thus making it easier to manufacture fine structure meshes.