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Brass Wire Mesh Exporters

Brass Wire Mesh. We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of high quality Brass Wire Mesh.

Brass wire meshes are stronger than softer copper wire meshes.Brass wire mesh has a golden yellow colour. This unique colour is also an attractive choice for applications such as architectural decoration and creative use.

Brass Wire Mesh Characteristics:Brass wire mesh has good corrosion and wear resistance.

Brass Wire Mesh Advantages:
1. Strong abrasion resistance
2. Hardness
3. Tensile strength.

Brass Wire Mesh Use:
1. Off-Shore Oil and Gas Drilling
2. Petrochemical and Pharmaceuticals Industry
3. Construction and Architectural Industry
4. Specialty Chemicals Industry
5. Plastic and Polymers Industry
6. Food Industries
7. Seawater Desalination
8. Paper Pulp Industries

The cost of brass mesh is the lowest among all copper mesh products. When conductivity is not very important, the brass mesh is a good choice.