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Ultra fine 1mm Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Ultra fine 1mm Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Details:

  Plain weave can be woven up to 400 mesh.

  Twill weave can be woven from 30-635mesh.

  Common Width:0.914m,1.0m,1.22m,1.5m,Special requirement can be customized.

  Characteristics of stainless Steel Wire Mesh:

  Acid-resisting,alkali-resisting and anti-corrosion

  High strength,good tension toughness and abrasion performance,durable in use.

  resistance to high temperature oxidation

  Highly polished, no need to do any surface treatment,with convenient and simple maintenance.

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  Of the stainless steel wire mesh corrosion resistance anti-acid and alkali resistance anti-high temperture good filter performance

  long using life


  Petroleum, petrochemical equipment, such as the reactor of petrochemical equipment.

  Sulfuric acid storage and transportation equipment, such as heat exchangers;

  Power plant flue gas desulfurization device, main parts are: absorption tower body, the flue, door plank, internal parts, spray system, etc;

  Scrubber and fan in the organic acid processing system;

  Water treatment plant, water heat exchanger, papermaking equipment, sulfuric acid, nitric acid equipment, acid, pharmaceutical industry and other chemical equipment, pressure vessel, food equipment;

  Pharmaceutical factory: centrifuge, reactor, etc.

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