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High Quality Stainless Steel Crimped Weave Mesh

The crimped wire mesh is woven by pre-crimped metal wires through the method of double crimp or lock crimp. 

Crimped wire mesh is also called crimped woven wire mesh,The pre-crimping weaving method can ensure an accurate opening area and make the structure stable.

Crimped mesh can also be used in the food industry and industrial applications. 

Lightweight crimped mesh can be used as barbecue grill mesh,stair railings,fences,construction grilles, and decorations.

Heavy industrial screens vibrating screen wire mesh is available in different wire diameters, mesh opening and open area. 

This is widely used for various applications such as screening, sizing, grading, shifting, separating, scalping and washing. This wire mesh can be also custom designed in case plungers and vibrating rods are needed to insert for protection against tearing. It is installed above rubber beads to avoid metal to metal contacts.


1.Defining Boundaries

2.Containing Animals and People

3.Providing Security

4.Sports Fields

5.High Security Facilities

6.Industrial Buildings and Factories

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