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Stainless steel ultra fine wire factory

Anping Yuze Hardware wire mesh Co., Ltd. is a one of research, development, production of stainless steel ultra fine wire manufacturers, the research team after the company nearly a decade of efforts, finally developed the most high, most practical, stable, the coefficients were reached or even exceeded the textile industry to use high-quality textile-specific standard stainless steel ultra fine wire. 
Our company use high quality 316L stainless steel wire as raw materials, use entire computer numerical control equipment to production stainless steel ultra fine wire , its high quality and high efficiency has been around the world new and old customers unanimously approved, it is one of many textile and garment enterprises preferred products.
Stainless steel ultra fine wire with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal stability in the oxidizing atmosphere, etc. Widely used in textile, good shielding, antimagnetic, in addition to static electricity, radiation protection ability, its superior performance。
Stainless steel ultra fine wire also can use in :
Stainless steel ultra fine wire radiation fabric,stainless steel ultra fine wire fabric textile antibacterial health,stainless steel ultra fine wire conductive plastics,Stainless steel ultra fine wire anti-counterfeiting materials,Stainless steel ultra fine sound-absorbing material.
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