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high mesh Plain Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel mesh: 

Production standard: National standard GB/T5330. internal control standard Q/9D01-2016. standard HB1862-1993. and equivalently adopt international standard IS09004 to organize production Weaving method: square hole (plain and twill) dense weave (plain weave, twill dense, reverse plain weave, reverse twill dense weave) Material: 304. 304L, 316. 316L, 310.310S, copper, tin bronze, pure nickel and other metal wires Mesh size: 4.00~0.020mm (5-635 mesh/inch), see detailed parameter table for mesh size Use: Chemical industry: acid-base solution filtration, chemical experiment, chemical particle filtration, corrosive gas filtration, corrosive dust filtration, magnetic filtration, etc. Petroleum: petroleum purification, petroleum mudfiltration, separation of impurities, etc. Medicine: Chinese medicine decoction filtration, solid particle filtration, medicine purification, etc. Electronics: circuit board structure frame, electronic components, acid-base batteries, radiation protection modules, etc. Printing: ink filtration, toner filtration, toner purification, etc. Machinery: vibrating screen, etc.

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