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What is the reason for heat treatment of stainless steel wire mesh

  stainless steel wire mesh is heat resistant, acid resistant, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant. Because of these features, stainless steel mesh is widely used in mining, chemicals, food, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, etc. mainly for gas separation, liquid filtration and other media.

  Heat treatment technology is also an important part of the entire stainless stainless steel wire mesh manufacturing process, and after explosion welded stainless steel mesh strength, the hardness increases. Plasticity is reduced, which does not facilitate subsequent modification and use requirements. The heat treatment process is actually to relieve the internal stress behind explosive composites. Improve the plasticity. However, as stainless steel generally has its own solution treatment system.

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 What is the reason for heat treatment of stainless steel wire mesh?

  Stainless steel mesh is always loved by people, and its corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance are particularly high. The surface of stainless steel mesh is flat and bright, does not rust and can withstand bad weather. Well, such good products also have their special treatment, stainless steel wire mesh is after heat treatment that has its properties.

  Such combinations are particularly important with regard to the choice of heat treatment temperature, holding time, and cooling method. In addition, the shear strength of the stainless steel wire mesh is also greatly affected, and if the heat treatment temperature exceeds 400 ° C., the shear strength is significantly reduced due to the coarse particles of the base layer, but the impact toughness and bending properties are reduced. Obtained. Elongation can be significantly improved with increasing heat treatment temperature.

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  Inevitably inconsistent with the heat treatment system of carbon steels such as the ultra low carbon dual phase system 00Cr18Ni5M 3512,00Cr22Ni5M03N, it precipitates the brittle phase of Fe-Cr gold, which remains below 950Y for a long time And the tendency to significantly deteriorate the plasticity of stainless steel. The normal room temperature of carbon structural steels is about 890 degrees, but it is resistant to intergranular corrosion and other properties, and long-term heating causes coarse particles and a decrease in toughness.

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