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Stainless Steel Five Heddle Weave Mesh For Sale

Stainless Steel Five heddle twill weave (stain weave):With this type of weave,every fifth warp wire alternately passes over and under the weft to produce a long or rectangular mesh pattern.The outstanding feature of a Stainless Steel five heddle twilled weave is its particularly smooth surface structure.
Stainless Steel Five Heddle Weave Mesh provides a rectangular opening. The unique design of this mesh can assist increased drainage and flow properties. This mesh also has a smooth surface on one side, which is widely used in filtration of petroleum chemical industries, in the form of filter ribbons and filter elements.
Five heddle weave offers high flow rates and is suitable for high mechanical loads, featuring a lightly structured mesh surface. Five-heddle woven meshes are popular in applications including pressure and vacuum filters as well as filter candles.
Stainless Steel Five Heddle Weave Mesh Features
1. Offers a rectangular opening
2. Improved drainage and flow features
3. Offers a smooth surface for easy removal of filter cake and trouble-free cleaning of the filter media

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