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2-635 screen stainless steel wire mesh

  Stainless steel wire mesh has been widely used in chemical, petrochemical and oilexploration, transportation, nuclear industry, energy, textile, aerospace, electronics,food pharmaceutical paper and other industrial sectors, in certain areas or may notbecome an indispensable substituted metal material. In addition, the sub-mesh sta-nless steel and decorative and easy to clean and antbacterial properties, in the con-sumer sector it has been widely used, such as construction and decoration, kitchenutensils, cutlery, metal and other civil.

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Feature of the stainless steel wire mesh

  Corrosion resistance.

  Anti-acid and alkali resistance

  Anti-high temperture.

  Good filter performance.

  Long using life

  Application of the stainelss steel wire mesh

  In acid, alkali environment conditions sieving and filtering.

  Petroleum industry as mud mesh,.

  Chemical fiber industry as screen mesh.

  Plating industry as acid cleaning mesh.

  Package Type:

  a.High mesh count:Inside with paper tube,Then waterproof paper covered,Finally in a wooden case or pallet

  b.Low mesh count:Packed in rolls,Then with waterproof and woven bags,Finally in wooden case

  c.Sheet shape:Inside with plastic film and outside with a small wooden case

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